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 Lady Melody Clancy is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a private practice serving South West Florida including Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice and North Port with her office. She now a part of Natural Body Congierge Natural God Modailities Team. She travels and cater personally too you. You have 24-7 access to her. Dr. Cook welcomes her to his team of Natural Conierge.

She was granted a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine (EWC.) in Sarasota, Florida and a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences. In addition, she's a Nationally Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture. specializes in pain management, fibromyalgia, addiction, weight loss, cancer and wellness. Lady Melody is known for her work with veterans.


In addition, she is currently serving on the Board of Acupuncture, an appointment by the Governor of Florida, in the past she has served as an Executive Director on the Board of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA) an organization that  helps to represent almost 500 Acupuncturists in Florida. Contact us to see if she's available to speak for your organization or event




Some of the modalities she practices as an Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine include:


·         Acupuncture

·         Moxibustion (a type of heat stimulation of acupuncture points)

·         Tui Na (Oriental therapeutic massage and body manipulation),

·         Cupping

·         Herbology ( the use of Traditional Chinese formulas to treat various diseases)

·         Auricular Therapy (treatments done on the ears)

·         Qigong (a type of meditative breath work)

·         Wellness Counseling

·         Diet Therapy

·         Healing Touch (endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Association)

·         Reiki





What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical therapy developed over 4000 years ago in Asia. Acupuncture stimulates specific points beneath the skin by the insertion of acupuncture needles. This process restores the balance of the body’s energy, also knows as “Qi”(pronounced chi). Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Moxibustion are some of the essential elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Will it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin made from silver alloy, typically stainless steel. You may feel little or no discomfort as the needles are inserted as the process is usually painless. You may feel different sensations including slight soreness, numbness, warmth, or pressure. This energetic sensation differs from pain. People often comment that the feeling is unfamiliar but pleasant and comforting.

Is it safe?

Acupuncture therapy has been used for thousands of years in China. Acupuncture is the treatment of choice for one-fourth of the world’s population! The needles are FDA approved, individually packaged, pre-sterilized and disposed after a single use.

What should I expect for my first treatment?

After the first treatment has been administered, depending on the aliment being treated, many experiences may occur. Immediate, total or partial relief from pain or other symptoms may be experienced. Some patients experience a sudden burst of energy while others may feel relaxed. Many people experience a calming satisfaction. Small, localized bruises from minor bleeding under the skin are infrequent, but do occur. These are no cause for alarm, and despite the cosmetic inconvenience, they actually provide a kind of bonus treatment. The reabsorption of the blood continues the stimulation of the acupuncture point even without the needle in place.

How long do the treatments take?

In most situations treatments take between 20 and 30 minutes but can last longer in certain scenarios. The length of the treatment depends individual conditions of the patient and the skill of the acupuncturist. Be aware that on some days, visits may take longer due to the number of clients being treated.

What conditions can acupuncture treat?

Many conditions may be treated. General pain relief and control for arthritis, cervical spondylopathy, knee pain, hand and foot pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, lower back and neck pain, tendonitis, ect. Other conditions such as circulatory problems with high or low blood pressure, cold hands and feet. Some nervous system imbalances can also be treated such as anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, depression, asthma, allergies and sinus problems; digestive disorders like Crohn’s Disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, and constipation. Other common alements treated include headaches and migraines; treatments to help stop smoking, and many more conditions.

How does acupuncture work?

In traditional Chinese Medicine, there exists a meridian system through the human body. In this system, invisible passageways for energy are called meridians. There are certain points on the body (more than 360) that connect with certain organs and bodily functions. Point Groups on the body that apply to a specific organ or function are found along the same meridian. In a healthy, normal functioning body, the energy in these meridians flows freely resulting in a balanced system. When the flow of energy is interrupted from causes such as stress or injury, this energy is reduced throwing your “Qi” off balance. By performing acupuncture using the points associated with the particular meridian involved, this Qi or balance is restored.

Are the needles clean?

Acupuncture needles are FDA approved. These needles are pre-sterilized and individually wrapped. After the needles are used, they are disposed.

How many treatments will I need?

Since every person is unique in their own condition, the numbers of treatments will vary. The nature, severity and history of each patient’s problem, as well as the individual himself or herself, are all factors that are involved in how many treatments will be necessary.

Are needles the only equipment involved?

Acupuncturist may use several techniques such as moxibustion, cupping, electric stimulation, and point stimulation to help with the patient’s treatment.

Will it conflict with my other medications?

Acupuncture will not conflict with any of your medications. Acupuncture is used to complement and supplement your physician’s treatments NOT TO REPLACE THEM. You should discuss this issue with your physician and acupuncturist.




Alternative Medicine Facts
Clinical Studies indicate that Acupuncture is effective in treating:

Headache ~ Neck and back pain

Fibromyalgia  ~ Respiratory disease

Menopause ~ Urinary dysfunction

Osteoarthritis ~ Post-op & chemotherapy nausea

Tennis elbow ~ Smoking & drug addictions

Facial pain ~ Depression/Anxiety

Hot Flashes ~ Weight loss

Bells Palsy ~ Tremors

Acupuncture has been cited by the World Health Organization to treat 43 conditions including:
Allergies/Asthma ~ Sciatica
Colds & Flu ~ Stress
Carpal Tunnel ~ Insomnia
Heart problems ~ Tendonitis
Gynecological disorders, including PMS


National Institute of Health Conference (NIH) found Acupuncture:

Effective for pre & post-surgery




hot flashes in both men & women

an assistive option for post-operative myofascial surgery

 low back pain

Acupuncture should be a part of a comprehensive program for asthma, addiction and smoking cessation.

Acupuncture “Has a substantially lower incidence of adverse effects than many drugs or accepted medical procedures used for the same conditions.”

“The data in support of acupuncture is as strong as for many accepted Western medical therapies.”



 Clinical Research (NIH) demonstrates that Acupuncture:
Stimulates bone regrowth
Regulates blood pressure
Increases red and white blood cell count
Stimulates production of pain modulating endorphins and enkephalins




I do work with insurance and many more companies are covering acupuncture, hypnotherapy as well as massage.  Check with your company to see if you have the benefit available.

The list below is in no way a comprehensive list of who covers acupuncture so call and check with your company, a few that I know of are:


  • Aetna
  • American Speciality Health Network
  • Beech Street
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield ~ (local & federal)
  • Cigna
  • Evolutions Health Care System
  • Health Care of Sarasota
  • United Health Care - WEBTPA



I was a teacher for 23 years. The last two years I kept on stumbling and falling down. I soon came to find out that I had “Huntingtons Disease” HD attacks your muscle control ,emotions,and your mind. I ended up retirimg early. I was so very depressed and could not walk without I was basicaly confined to my bedroom This was a big adjustment for my family and I.

I was online and I read about acupuncture and all the ailments it treats. I called Dr. Clancy to see if she could help me. She was very positive that she could. After 2-3 treatments ..I was walking again and my hope for the future has returned..

Dr.Clancy is very compassionate & understanding. I would still be stuck in my bed if it wasn’t for her. My Husband was very skeptical but now he also knows that acupuncture works!

Kandis Smith


“I have been going to Chinese Healing Arts(Past practice in St. Augustine, Florida) acupuncture for four months. I have a lot of medical problems, and Lady Melody has really been helping me through them. Lady Melody is not only a professional, she is also a very caring and compassionate person. She really gets involved with the patients, and I am happy to have her.” - Faye M.