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The Oxygen Water Cooler is designed to provide you with a constant supply of oxygen enriched water that contains a constant 35-45 PPM of oxygen compared to typical tap water which contains approximately 2-7 PPM of oxygen. The Oxygen Water Cooler comes RTR (ready to run) with everything except the 5-gallon bottle of water. You can use any 5-gallon water supplier. Our Oxygen Water Cooler is evaluated on a daily basis for oxygen PPM and maintains a constant 35-45 PPM of oxygen saturation level.

1-Oxygen Water Cooler

1-Instructions and Maintenance booklet

Ideal User: This system is great for individuals, families, homes, businesses, health clubs, fitness clubs, athletic associations and athletes who would like to use oxygen enriched water prior, during and after workouts; while traveling, while working on the computer, while working on the job, watching TV or just before sleeping. This system delivers 5 to 10 times the amount of oxygen in most any other type of water. The Oxygen Enriched Water Cooler is configurable in less than 20 minutes and will be producing oxygen-enriched water in less than 12 hours.





- Dissolved Oxygen Level


Up to 45 PPM (Parts Per Million)

- Water Temperature


32°F (0°C) to room temperature

- Response Time


45 minutes to attain maximum D. O. level

- Sound Level


46 dBA @ 1 Meter

- Dimensions


13.5" x 11.75" x 58" (W x L x H)

- Weight


50 lbs (22.6 Kg)

- Power Requirements


120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1.7 Amps /
220 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.8 Amps







We have succeeded in integrating the miniature oxygen generator
with the household water cooler mechanism, resulting in a super oxygenating water cooler system contained in single body. This patented system increases the dissolved oxygen level in the drinking water, which is normally 7 PPM (Parts Per Million), up to 45 PPM at the maximum - an increase of over 600%!
As a comparison, oxygen-rich mountain streams can have up to 15 PPM. 

Absorption of Oxygen in the Small Intestine

Without a doubt, the most effective method of getting oxygen is breathing with the lungs. However, oxygen is also absorbed through the intestinal membrane along with ions, water, and other nutrients and goes directly into the blood stream. It is a known fact that eating oxygen-rich foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as drinking oxygenated beverage, increases the oxygen level in our body which in turn improves our body's ability to create energy and expedite the waste removal process.

Numerous studies including the one conducted by Prof. MD. A. Pakdaman of Heinrich University of Düseldorf, Germany involving athlete participants have shown that drinking oxygenated water instantly increases the oxygen level in the blood to quickly improve physical performance and shorten the recovery time from fatigue.

- Bottled O 2 Water Vs. Constant Saturation

There are many brands of bottled oxygenated drinking water being sold today, creating a very fast growing market. However, dissolved oxygen in the water dissipates out of the bottle while they sit on the shelves: The porous plastic bottles used by most bottlers can not keep the oxygen molecules for a very long time. Extra oxygen in water in an open cup will dissipate into the air within 30 minutes.

With O2 oxygenating cooler system, a very high level of oxygen is automatically maintained as the oxygen generator inside the cooler keeps saturating the water with oxygen. Simply use any bottled water or filtered tap water, and you can have an almost endless supply of oxygen-saturated water at a very low cost.

Why Drink Oxygenated Water?

The dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed through our
digestive system and provides :

- Extra supply of oxygen to the body for over-all health improvement
- Enhancement of the brain function for clearer thinking and alertness
- More oxygen to the muscle to increase energy and performance
- More oxygen to skin cells for healthier, younger looking skin
- Enhanced metabolism and waste removal
- Enhancement of the body's ability to fight bacteria and viruses
- Better absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients

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