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Much of arthritis research has gone a long way to relief the suffering of arthritis patients. Up to now, the Arthritis Gone and this special process grape seed oil is the closest to a cure for arthritis and it is a progressive ailment that afflicts the joints of the body. Fingers, knees, wrists and ankles are the most commonly afflicted parts of the body.

Other areas of the body are afflicted as well, including the hips, jaws shoulder. In reality as there are joints between two bones, arthritis will strike. Arthritis research will hopefully find a cure but relief comes in many forms.

Arthritis Research Has Shown That Alternative Remedies Is The Way!

As Arthritis can be extremely painful, lots of medication is required to relief and deal with it. Alternative medications has become the choice of many arthritis patients as they try to avoid dependency on drugs and other medical treatments such as massage, physiotherapy, etc. We are lucky to have plenty of natural remedies to choose from. As only some arthritis research is done on alternative medicine but the outcome is that alternative remedies are found to be beneficial.

Although some natural remedies are not effective, others are. Similar to drugs that work differently on different person with differing structure and constitution, natural remedies work that way too. As there are a lot of demands for natural remedies, it shows that people prefer it as a form of treatment. Arthritis research has pointed out that lots of improvement can be obtained for arthritis patients if they are used correctly and frequently.

There are certain natural remedies that you can attempt but it is best to consult your family physician or a professional medical practitioner as they are in a better position to advice treatment. You can get side effects from such natural remedies as little arthritis research has been done up to now on such remedies. Therefore such side effects can be averted if the treatment is done with proper medical direction.

- The arthritis research done on ginger in Netherlands has found that by chewing a little of raw ginger daily can help to ease the pain and inflammation due to the ailment. It can be used in combination with such food as soups, sauces and salads.

- Aloe Vera is a miraculous herb that has up to amazing two hundred useful nutritional elements that can assist the body to combat pain and swelling. Countless arthritis research has shown that the extracts of aloe vera can increase body immune system to a level such that it can limit diseases like arthritis.

- A traditional form of relieving pain and swelling of the joints is through bee stings. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine has documented and approved it. Nowadays there is no need to hunt for bees as bee venom are readily available in the form of injection. Arthritis research has shown that natural remedies are beneficial to arthritis treatment.

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