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REFLUX, CHRONIC BLOATING, CONSTIPATION, CHRONIC ANEMIA, INFLAMMATORY DISEASE, FIBROMYALGIA, LUPUS (very severe infection), GWS, CHRONIC RASHES, SEBORRHEA, PSORIASIS, CANCERS  and a host of other diagnosed ailments are all linked to a systemic (in the blood stream) Fungal - Mycoplasm Infection.  Once this infection is in the blood stream, it can affect any organ giving people many different types of symptoms.  Cook was able to document this finding using his Live Field Microscopy equipment.  In every case above, chronic, systemic candida was found in the blood stream!  This infection goes undiagnosed by the medical community and each ailment is treated for symptoms with no hope of any cure.  All these ailments above have been helped by the following supplemental protocol.
Candida (fungal infection) can go systemic, into the blood stream and cause joint pain that is often confused with arthritis. Use of antibiotics and chemotherapy the number one cause, but diet, environmental toxins can also play a role in the infection.  It can also affect the liver, causing rashes, the kidneys causing severe back pain and poor kidney function, etc.  When it's in the blood stream it can infect anywhere.  That is why there are so many ailments tied into this condition.  Chronic fungal infection can also deplete the iron in the blood causing low energy and anemia.  Leg cramps, twitching legs and general body stiffness is also due to the inflammatory nature of the fungal as well as the fact that it depletes the calcium in the body too.  This leads to the cramping.  Chronic infection when left untreated gets progressively worse and is always present with Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Lupus, GWS, Gerds, and a host of other misdiagnosed ailments.  The following is a long term natural supplement program to help your body detox the chronic infection.