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Homeostasis Protocol

Our goal is to establish a protocol to achieve homeostasis, which is fostering the body’s ability to maintain a stable, healthy condition. We are going to touch on the five key components within this protocol to optimize health and maximize life span.

These components are
1: Oxygen, including the cause and effect of expanding your lungs.
2: Water, and the affect it has on cell reproduction.
3: Food.. the ones that improve our health and the ones that destroy our health.
4: Supplements.. in a day and time when our food supply has been jeopardized, and
5: The Mind.

"The way you think, the way you behave,
the way you eat,
can influence your life by

30 to 50 years."
— Deepak Chopra: a physician and author on
spirituality and mind-body wellness

 The Vision Of Ultimate Health
It is our God given right to be healthy and to prosper in this lifetime.  With that in mind our company has produced a line of product with the highest vibrational frequencies available to us.  In the here and now, we thrive to create healing products from the earth as Mother Nature intended and by doing so we can heal the body with her hand. Everything that we produce for the body to regain its balance and equilibrium level is from this earth and it is combined with the guidance of divine energies with as clear a channel as it is possible.   

After the product is created, numerous individuals are muscle tested (Applied Kinesiology) and a grading system is created to identify the healing properties of the natural remedy and level of effectiveness. The products are always created in a way so as not to compromise other aspects of the person's health, but if the patient is taking other medications the health care practitioner needs to evaluate these variables.
When our brain is communicating at optimal levels with our internal organs through a network of neurological and sensory pathways, our entire system is capable of implementing its God-given ability to heal at every point of need, achieving homeostasis and maintaining optimum health. Assist your brain in its natural ability to communicate with your body. Unleash the raw power of your body’s potential for vibrant health by completely clearing your connecting channels with HYDRO2MAX Force, the homeostasis regulator for mind and body.

For an impressive demonstration of test subjects undergoing before and after balance and strength testing utilizing our new revolutionary product.Test you can include electro-magnetic phone and computer interference test, which displays improvements in strength and balance after taking the product.
* Enhance your mental clarity, focus and memory
* Have Increased Energy and Endurance
* Enjoy and increase in Libdo and Sexual Function
* Have more Success in Weight Reduction
* Experience Greater Balance in Blood Sugar Levels
* Be Less Strss and More Relaxed
* Increased energy with resistance to fatigue and stress
* Healthier functioning heart and cardiovasular system
* Improves Brain and Cognitive Functions
* Improves Brain and Cognitive Functions
*  Protectio against Aging and Diabetes
* Reduced Effects of Metabolic Diseases
* Contributes to an extended life span!
This product will protect you from radiation and magnetic fields like from the cell phones and computers. It will give you better concentration, give you more balance also more endurance.  Plus several other benefits. You need to start taking 2 ounces of Hydro2max Life Force Daily!
Dr. Charlton Cook
World Renowned Doctor of Natural Medicine
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