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Dr. Charlton Cook, Phd. is aggressively persecuted and oppressed during his years of consulting cancer patients. His success is unparalleled in the world of Alternative medicine (Natural Modalities Therapies).

"I speak as a cancer patient who 7 years ago was sent home to die by a doctor who told me there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for me - One of the doctors who performed my surgery told me that I had the fastest growing type known to man and cobalt and chemo would not help me - if I had accepted the advice of my doctor, if I had not been directed to Dr. Cook, I would be another cancer statistic."- P.J.( Testimony )

 Dr. Charlton Cook, Ph.D. who had nearly a 93% HEALED rate on cancer patients who used no orthodox treatments and with a 98% HEALED rate on chronic illnesses and diseases worldwide. He is known as the Miracle Worker!

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Consults( treats ) immune dysfunction presenting as cancer-all phases, all tumors, at any location in the body, as well as AIDS, HIV, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, leukemia, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and fibromyalgia. She uses nontoxic immune system enhancement and balancing through nutritional supplementation, diet, detoxification, oxygenation, and bioenergetic/electromagnetic strengthening, as well as acupuncture through our on staff acupunturist, neural therapy, and sclerotherapy. Consults ( treats ) almost any type of cancer, even later stage cancers. We use metabolic therapies for those not undergoing conventional care. For those doing conventional treatments we use natural protocols to prevent side effects and help efficacy of chemo/radiation. We agree that a physician should never just treat the symptoms of the illness, but treat the individual as a whole.  Dr. Cook commitment to offer its clients an aggressive, non-invasive approach to the treatment of cancer and other auto-immune diseases.  Dr. Cook has 22 plus years of experience in integrative medicine and nutritional biochemistry, with special emphasis in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. We consults ( treats ) a wide range of conditions, including HIV, cancer, MS, crohn's etc. using nutritional approach, mistletoe, ambrozile (oleander), copper reduction therapy for anti-angiogenesis, chelation, diet, herbs, heavy metal detox, etc. Dr. Cook  also sees clients under the care of an oncologist. We also Consult ( treats )chronic pain, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's with Ayurveda and Natural Modalites ( natural medicine ). He uses Natural Medicine ( Natural Modalities ) with cancer patients as an adjunct to mainstream treatments if seeked by the client.  He has over 22 yrs. in expertise of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ADD combination of healing techniques. We  consults ( treats ) cancer and  Natural medicine, using enzyme, diet, polypeptides, alkalization, Sanum Therapy, and  herbs. He also uses The diet that is use in Mexico Cancer Clinics and Centers and Canada , it is used to consult ( treat ) autoimmune disorders, CHD, and Type II diabetes using Gerson Diet, Issel's treatments, and Danopoulos' protocols. We consult ( treats ) cancer and a variety of other conditions with nutritional support. He utilizes numerous modalities from around the world to support your body's ability to heal itself.  He also consults ( treats ) viral infections, parasites, allergies, asthma, hepatitis, diabetes, and more, Therapies include oral infusion, homeopathic, chelation, and  vitamins. We can do bio-electrical screening, NAET allergy removal, and we provide nutritional support including oral infusion a iv alternative, diet programs, Poly MVA, PC SPES, homeopathy, and more. We consulting ( treating  ) ADD, allergies, Alzheimer's, arthritis, CFS, cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, thyroid disorders, and many other conditions.  He uses a wide range of approaches.  Note:  He will be doing a special program to test the use of hi vitamin C, and other supplements against cancer. The program is being funded so there is only small charge to participate.  We works with athersclerosis, chemical sensitivities, autism, and chronic fatigue syndrome. We uses nutrition,  vitamin C, high-dose nutrients, and BCG. We use complementary" approach to exploit the biochemistry and genetics of cancer cells and how they differ from normal cells. The emphasis is on eliminating toxicity and building the immune system. Therapies used  include: chelation,  hyperthermia,  BioResonance devices, diet and nutrition, detoxification, nutraceuticals, light, and immunotherapy. We provide treatment for a variety of illnesses including cancer, AIDS, allergies, ALS, candida, chronic fatigue, diabetes, gulf war syndrome, leukemias, lupus, and other conditions.   He is one of the few doctors in the United States that uses Hansi in his treatments when he needs too. We also offers Chinese Herbs, vitamins and minerals, and nutritional supplementation. We treat heart disease, fatigue, arthritis, cancer, headaches, chronic infections, allergies, elevated cholesterol, depression, anxiety, PMS, menopause, autism, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. We believe these conditions are manageable if the underlying causes are more fully understood. We uses nutritional counseling, hormone balancing, Neural Therapy, detoxification, mind/body approaches, Chinese medicine and herbs, metabolic approaches, and allergy elimination. We specializes in the treatment of chronic illnesses using natural medicine, with specialties in the areas of nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathic medicine. He also treats allergies, arthritis, lupus, and scleroderma.  We also treat AIDS, arthritis, Alzheimer's, stroke, paralysis, and rare neurological diseases. Therapies we use include tumorin, therapeutic immunology, RNA, Koch, herbology, Rife, and diet. He also treats AIDS, CFIDS, Epstein-Barr virus, liver disorders, and environmental disorders using therapeutic herbs, supplements, glandular extracts, enzymes, and nutrition.  We uses psychiatry-neurology, nutrient support, diet, detoxification, chelation, magnetic, DMSO, and other approaches. He is a Natural Health practitioner who also does preventive natural medicine, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and viral infections. He uses detoxification, osteopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, herbals, bodywork, and  psychotherapy.  He treat arthritis, circulatory problems, preventive medicine, chronic fatigue, and PMS in addition to cancer. His approach is to use nutrition, immunological enhancement, chelation, and darkfield microscope. We treat blood disorders and solid tumors. His approach is laboratory-based therapy utilizing short form (apoptotic) assays to identify active agents and eliminate inactive agents. Custom tailored, assay-directed therapy, to provide personal cancer strategies based on your  tumor response in the laboratory. This eliminates much of the "guess work" prior to your undergoing the potentially toxic side effects of chemotherapy regimens.  We treats most forms of cancer, as well as treating chronic pain, immune dysfunction, allergies, and cardiovascular disease. The main therapies we uses includes: IPT Therapy thru associate, chelation, bio-oxidative, nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, immune therapies, vitamin C, vaccines, and detoxification.   We understand he enjoys treating later stage cancers. We offer a unique and holistic alternative cancer support program. We focus on the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit integration.  We offer a multitude of support therapies that emphasize immune system enhancement, body detoxification and emotional balancing.  We use NAET for allergy elimination for immune system enhancement, advanced nutritional therapies, Quantum Xerroid Energetic analysis, BEFE - Bio-Electric Field Enhancement for detoxification, QRS Pulsed Magnetic field therapy for detox and oxygenation, Ceragem Far Infra-red heat, massage, Kundalini yoga and meditation. We also treats cancer. using orthomolecular approaches, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutritional and herbal therapies. He is naturopath and PhD who has over 20 years expertise. He specializes in chronic fatigue, pain, depression and anxieties, difficult and rare conditions. If you've tried everything and you're still not getting well, call Dr. Charlton Cook. We uses Contact Reflex Analysis, nutrition, colonics, homeopathy, herbs, supplements, lymphatic work, and Kineseology to treat cancer and most illnesses. We treat brain, bone, throat, thyroid, lungs, breast, liver, pancreas, colon, female, prostate cancer, many more. We use hyperthermia and nutrition also. We treat conditions from asthma to Zoster and claim to specialize in cancer, neurological challenges (MS, Fibro, etc.) and ADD/ADHD. We use muscle testing and live blood cell analysis also.  A Cancer Plan , we offer a 10 day detox retreat, as we believe proper nutrition heals the body at the cellular level, but before  nutritional changes can be effective, detoxing the system must take place. There is a very strong "spiritual" aspect to our program. We have a Cancer prevention program that is all natural that is done 1 to 2 times a year for 10 to 30 days. He works with many patients who use traditional therapies, so he uses nutritional and herbal supplementation to help reverse damage that can result from chemotherapy and radiation. His goal is to build the immune system back. We treat cancer, autoimmune problems, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, ulcers, and psoriasis using diet and supplements. We treat all cancers, chronic fatigue, immune suppressive diseases, candida, MS, Parkinson's disease, and chronic pain.  We use needless intravenous treatments including chelation, vitamins and minerals, and hydrogen peroxide; nutritional counseling; stress management; and lifestyle modifications.  He also treats heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, lupus, and AIDS. He uses Metabolic-IV, interferon, hyperbaric oxygen, and  nutrition. We integrates holistic, alternative and mainstream conventional medicine to treat cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, neurological disorders including MS, and general conditions. We specialize in preventive medicine including insulin Potentiation Therapy thru associate, Poly MVA, Cantron, QiGong, low dose Naltrexone,  chelation therapy, cell therapy, therapeutic nutrition, IV's, and oxidation therapy. We treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, allergies, and more. We use diet, detox, mind/body approaches, nutritional counseling, wheatgrass and juice therapy,  nutripuncture, and electro-magnetic treatments. We are set up to treat advanced cancers. We also treats degenerative diseases. Therapies include EDTA chelation, preventive medicine, nutrition, and diet. We also treats AIDS and chronic degenerative diseases using metabolic therapy, nutrition, enzymes, hyperpyrexia, oxygenation, acupuncture, supplements, and natural immune enhancers. We also treats arthritis, bowel and digestive disorders, cardiovascular, problems, dementia, and Parkinsons. We use a variety of complementary health techniques, including vitamins, nutrition, herbal, massage, and EDTA chelation. He also treats immune dysregulation, cardiac/pulmonary diseases, and chronic fatigue syndrome using chelation, bio-oxidative, nutrition, and immune system enhancement. We uses a multi-faceted nutritional and herbal supplementation program to strengthen the immune system and the patient's own inner defenses. We have an associate that  uses IPT with low dose chemo as the cornerstone of his treatment.  Restoring the immune system to enable it to destroy cancer cells, and killing the cancer at the site of occurrence is the prime objective at ICS. Therapies. Uses includes: IPT therapy, hyperthermia, Urea, Homeopathy, Sodium phenylbutyrate, vaccines, BioResonance, oxygen therapy, CELLBAL, Iscador, vitamins and supplements, and more.  

Dr. Cook considers it important to use a complete detoxification program along with both conventional and complementary techniques. If you looking for someone who uses a Comprehensive Cancer Care model utilizing all of nutrition, mind-body medicine, together with IPT - Insulin Potentiation Therapy we have an associate that we refer too. We treat any illness when natural medicine is preferred, using nutrition, herbal, QiGong,  and acupuncture thru on associate acupunturist. We also treat chronic pain, allergies, blockages of arteries, and chronic fatigue. They use bio-oxidative therapies (ozone, hydrogen peroxide), IPT therapy thru an associate, and  photoluminescence.  We provides nutritional support for cancer patients. We uses a variety of supplements, glandulars, detoxification programs, and chiropractic adjustmeints thru our associate chiropractor. We offers an individualized program that may include intravenous therapies, metal detox, Neuromuscular Restructuring, neural therapy, cupping, juicing, immune strengthening therapies, hormone balancing, stress management, mind/body approaches, nutrition, supplements, and energy balancing - rebalancing the energy "meridians" in your body through homeopathy, oriental medicine, European biological remedies and anthroposophical medicine. We have experience in treating cancer with a variety of alternative modalities. Devra Krassner, ND also works at the clinic. They guide you in bridging conventional and complementary cancer therapies.  They use diet and nutrition programs to enhance the immune system, detoxification, IVs, supplements, homeopathy, herbal and botanical medicine, a complete mind/body approach - Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), and guided imagery. He also treats heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, yeast-related illnesses, and multiple sclerosis. He uses cleansing, detoxification, immune enhancement, herbals, enzymes, diet, glandulars, supplements, and immune stimulators.  He treats Most nonmetastatic and metastic cancers and various degenerative diseases. including heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, and  fibromyalgia. He uses diet, metabolic nutrition, IV & oral vitamins & minerals, immunotherapy, laetrile, megavitamins, DMSO, hydrogen peroxide, BCG, and chelation. He a  Ph.D. treats all illnesses including cancer using, homeopathy, anthroposophy, acupuncture, massage, Reiki, Trager, craniosacral, and "zero balancing."  We had good responses with liver metastases, colon, and breast cancers. We also treat lupus and AIDS using homeopathy, chelation, acupuncture thru our associate and other approaches like natural immunotherapy. We  treat breast, colon, prostate, & lung malignancies and  cardiovascular diseases using diet, herbs and supplements; chelation. We treat prostate, breast, lung, and bowel cancers; but he also treats Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and heart problems. He uses oral and vitamins, minerals, amino acids, oral botanicals, herbs, enzymes, homeopathic remedies, chelation, and detoxification. We treat cancer and also AIDS, cholesterol, obesity, and any disease with a nutritional component by using nutrition and diet in our therapies. He feels lifestyle modifications are an important part of therapy. He has a "Ten-Point Plan to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer." His program also uses special nutritional supplements, adjunctive therapies and hormonal treatment.  We treat HIV, chronic fatigue, arthritis, heart disease, and allergies. He uses chelation, oxidative therapies, and vitamins.We treat patients with AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis, and cancer—in addition to addressing more common concerns such as diet and nutrition—by employing a combination of both alternative and traditional medicines when necessary. We also treat allergies, ADD, autoimmune disorders, and heart disorders using chelation, diet, herbs, Chinese remedies, enzymes, homeopathic medicine, photo-oxidation, and oxidative medicine. We have access to use bovine cartilage is used as a first-line therapy where other modalities are of little or no value, such as cancer of the pancreas, adenocarcinoma of the lung, squamous cell cancer of the pharynx, lung, larynx (metastatic), renal cell carcinoma, and others. It is used as a reserve therapy in malignancies for which there are standard therapies of recognized effectiveness, such as breast, gastrointestinal, or prostate cancer. We treat all cancers, but specializes in pancreatic cancer. He uses a metabolic approach, with high doses of supplements. also treat muscular degeneration, Lyme disease, HIV, and heart conditions. They use nutrition, chelation, acupuncture,  neural therapy, megadoses of vitamins.  We also treat cancer with TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine thru our associate,  Acupuncture thru our associate, Ayurveda and authentic Tibetan Medicine consultations are offered. The emphasis is on preserving and practicing the original traditional healing arts of Asia with modern conventional medicine. We have access to use fatty acids and sterols, enzymes, high-dose selenium, dietary changes, and a "biologically guided" nontoxic chemotherapy thru associates. We recommends not taking high dose vitamins without checking how these shift the body's acid/alkaline balance. We have had good responses with breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, and Hodgkin's. We also treat AIDS,  neurological problems, and candida. We uses detoxification, EDTA & DMPS chelation, laetrile, DMSO, coenzyme Q10, hydrogen peroxide, shark cartilage, hydrazine sulfate, biomagnetic, and homeopathy. We treat  a wide variety of chronic diseases, particularly those related to aging and cancer. We treat cancer and also immune system dysfunctions and cardiovascular disease using ozone, EDTA chelation, hydrogen peroxide, minerals, vitamins, diet, detoxification, hydrotherapy, and lymphatic massage.  He also treats arthritis, COPD, CFIDS, and hormonal deficiencies. Therapies include chelation, hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, ozone, hormone replacement, and colonics. He also treats Multiple Sclerosis naturally. For cancer, we use  supernutritional treatments, colonic hydrotherapy, nutritional therapy, oxygen therapy, natural hormone replacement thru associate or natural protocol, chelation, blood irradiation thru associate, and more. We get the best responses with prostate cancer, but We also treats cardiovascular disorders and immune system disorders and uses detoxification, neural therapy, nutrition, chelation, and supplements. We also treat cancer and also arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, hypoglycemia, metabolic disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and we also does preventive natural medicine. We uses chelation, acupuncture, nutrition, orthomolecular, ethnic herbs, Ayurvedic, yoga, and more.We do natural preventive medicine, and accepts all types of cancer, even later stage cancers. We uses IPT Therapy thru associate, nutritional approaches and more. We  uses a holistic approach to treating cancer and other conditions. Treatment is very thorough and involves finding the underlying causes to the cancer and then working to reverse and remove these causes. Detoxification, immune therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, ozone therapy, oxidation, chelation are some of the approaches we use. We  also deals with pain relief, arteriosclerosis, and degenerative diseases using magnetic therapy. We will help you set up a protocol to follow at home, or we can work with your doctor or even put you in touch with doctors if needed. We focuses on the successful treatment of chronic disease and pain, and can help with adjunctive cancer therapy, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, diabetes, and degenerative disc disease. We use naturopathic, acupuncture thru associate, Neural Therapy thru associate, Prolotherapy thru associate, integrated medicine, Orthopedic Medicine thru associate, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and detoxification. We have natural health care for the whole family, integrating conventional and alternative health care. We provides intensive treatment to support the immune system, diet therapy, and detoxification. These same therapies may also help traditional therapies (such as surgery and chemotherapy) work better. Each patient is treated as an individual, and personal choices are supported. We are well-known for treating cervical cancer. We uses a precise program of herbs, nutrition, dietary change, and special nontoxic treatments. We also treats heart disease, arthritis,  candida, hypertension, and infertility. He uses megavitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, ayurveda, detoxification, and shark cartilage. We also treat arteriosclerosis, arthritis, toxic states, ADD, and chronic fatigue. also treats arthritis, allergies, and multiple sclerosis. We use metabolic, diet, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, homeopathy, DMSO, vitamin C, colonics, electro-acupuncture thru associate, and chelation. The Alternative Medicine and Holistic Medical Center ( God's Natural Medicine Center ) . We treat cancer only using nutrition, oral supplementation, chelation, megavitamins, oxidative, colonics, Ayurvedic, and detoxification. We feature Natural Hormone Modulation, Immune Enhancement, Oxidative Natural Medicine, Natural Chelation Therapy, Neural Therapy thru associate, Kinesiology, Live Blood Analysis and Longevity and Natural cancer treatments. We uses Natural Oxidative Therapy, Chelation Therapy, DMSO, beta glucan, enzymes, and transfer factors as part of our therapy. We treat cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart disease, etc. using IPT Therapy thru associate, chelation, nutrition, IVs, conventional approaches along with alternative approaches. works on immune system. We have the best results with brain cancer. We also treat non-Hodgkins lymphoma, prostate, and kidney cancer. Rates can be expensive. We offer integrative treatments that combine conventional and complementary medicine in the healing of cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and heart disease thru our associate or your doctor. We offer adjunctive immunologic support to those individuals suffering from advanced cancer. Treatments include: IPT therapy thru associate, nutritional oral therapy, Tradition Chinese Medicine thru associate, bioenergetic medicine (homeopathy, NAET), detoxification (homeovitics and chelation), psychoneuroimmunological (mind-body) therapy, diet, supplementation, high dose Vitamin C, and natural oxidative medicine. We have a special cancer option and prevention program. We currently only offering programs in cancer prevention. We also treats cardiovascular problems, arthritis, fungal infections, and allergies. We uses IPT Therapy thru associate, DMSO, vitamins, EDTA, enzymes, nutrition, detoxification, chelation, oxygen, and homeopathy. We treat cancer - all stages, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, arthritis, Wilson's Syndrome and chronic fatigue. We may use a variety of approaches - homeopathic, anthroposophical, acupuncture, botanic, nutritional, bee venom therapies, and mistletoe. We work with patients who want alternative or integrated approaches to help their immune system while doing or after chemo or other conventional approaches. We do custom cancer and chronic disease programs that is more effective then typical natural cancer therapies out there. We offer live blood analysis and bio-terrain which show man conditions such as candida, cancer, lymes disease, and parasites. We use chelation, IV vitamin oral drips, nutrition, acupuncture, Hyperbaric Chamber, colon hydro therapy, and  homeopathy.We uses homeopathic remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements to remove toxins and repair the immune system. We use Natural chelation therapy, vitamin therapies, homeopathy, neural therapy, H2O2, detoxification, heavy metal removal, antiviral therapy, Electro acupuncture, herbal medicine, oral vitamin therapy, dark field blood evaluation, Thermographic Analysis, Anti-cancer Protocols, Chronic Fatigue Therapies, Fibromyalgia treatments, NAET and all phases of Natural Preventive Medicine. He  considers diet and nutritional/herbal supplementation  to be critically important. He also feels it is important to understand the psychological side of the disease process. We work with patients who need or want to stay with conventional treatments and uses naturopathic approaches to provide nutritional supplementation to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other harsh treatments. We treat cancer and autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular, digestive disorders, and chronic fatigue. We use nutrition, diet, Ayurveda, homeopathy, botanical medicine and teas, herbal tinctures,  plant extracts, and a variety of supplements. We treat a variety of conditions, primarily with natural alternative prolotherapy and chelation. We treat carcinoma, lymphoma, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Therapies we use include BCG, Coley's vaccine, lymphoblastoid lymphocytes, vaccines, Interleukin2, and Interferon that is all natural.



The preparations consist of ingredients derived from vegetable, animal, or mineral sources. Decades of practical applications and clinical use of the preparations have established their reputation as being safe, effective, and free from side-effects.

"All homeopathic remedies are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, a document which has been published for over 100 years and which is recognized as an "official compendium" by Sections 501(b) and 502(e)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. §§ 351(b) and 352(e)(3) ("FD&C Act")." 

If I use homeopathic, that I do not diagnose or treat disease and that I refer to medical doctors for the diagnosis and treatment of disease (practicing classical homeopathy does not require a specific diagnosis of disease in order to find the correct homeopathic medicine);.



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