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Isn't it Wiser to Take Safe and Natural Remedies Guaranteed to Slow the Progression of Your Cataract, Than to Perform Surgical Procedures on Your Eyes?

 Our Approach to Cataract Cure:

Cataract Treatment, Natural Cataracts Medication, Cure Blurred Vision

Dr. Cook has a revolutionary non-surgical approach to cataract, which attempts to reverse the condition using advanced bioenergetics, herbs and resonance homeopathics. These collectively, target energetic and physical root-causes of the ailment. They stimulate the balancing forces of nature to strengthen the ocular tissues in general and optimize their functions.* The therapies also stimulate the optic nerve and repair nerve damage, so as to improve vision.*

Dr. Cook's approach to healing is based on the following facts, which represent the convergence of quantum physics, religion, modern biotech and ancient medicine systems.





1. TREAT THE ENTIRE BEING: “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of vibration.” - Max Planck (Nobel Prize winner and the father of Quantum Physics).

You, as a living, thinking, feeling, vibrating being, are much more than a collection of inter-related chemical processes. You are life itself. Every thought, emotion, vibration or action leads to a series of chemical changes in the body. All ailments are a result of disharmony in the life force. Dr. Cook recognizes this and treats the ENTIRE BEING, bringing mind, body and soul into harmony, for lasting results. Treating an ailment on a molecular level alone seldom has a lasting affect, as the untreated social, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic patterns cause the ailment to manifest once again on a physical plane. Complete healing is necessary for lasting healing. Dr. Cook therefore uses resonance homeopathics to harmonize the entire being; flower essences to attune the mind; Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese herbs to balance energetic and physiological manifestation of the five elements; and nutraceuticals to coordinate cellular responses.*

It is now a known fact that every thought and emotion has corresponding specific peptide secretions from the hypothalamus. Each cell has numerous receptors for these peptides, and the peptides greatly change the state of the cell. Hence, each thought or emotion is a signal that changes the state of our cells and alters our being. When our mind is in panic, anger or joy, every cell in our body is in panic, anger or joy. Dr. Cook, therefore, works on emotional and mental levels, along with cellular levels, in order to ensure that the entire being is brought into harmony - from the subtle emotions and thoughts down to gross cells and vice versa. This is our understanding and implementation of holographic healing.

2. LOOK FOR NATURAL SOLUTIONS: God has made the earth sprout medicines... It would be wise not to ignore them. The intelligence of nature is much greater than that of man. But man still focuses on chemical medicines, as they can be patented and sold for huge profits. Allopathy's attempts to treat chronic ailments by directly interfering with chemical processes using man-made substances only, has essentially been a failure. We claim to be cracking the gene code, but we still can't cure a cold with man-made substances. Homeopaths and naturalists the world over will claim to cure a cold most times. However, their methods are never studied and verified by governing bodies, as there is no one who will spend millions to get approval on an herb, knowing that it cannot be patented and sold exclusively by them.


- Samuel Hahnemann (The father of Homeopathy)

The most sophisticated of pharmacies is within the body. Dr. Cook's methods simply remind this pharmacy within the body to produce what it is meant to.

There is an intelligence that maintains equilibrium in all nature. Some would call it 'Spirit'. Every being functions with a precision way beyond our comprehension. Over the years, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and numerous other healing systems have documented the fact that appealing to this intelligence or function of homeostasis is the most appropriate way to bring a being into lasting equilibrium.* Over time, we have learnt that interfering with a body's chemical processes only causes further complications, as this essentially goes against the balancing homeostatic forces of nature. When we inject something from the outside, the body stops producing it itself.*

Below are some examples that illustrate our point:

a. Homeopathic coffee is coffee diluted past 10^6 and potentized. There are no molecules of coffee left in the mixture, but the water remembers the informational vibration of the coffee molecule. When ingested, this mixture alters the vibration in the water, which composes 70% of the human body. The body is instantly given information on a new vibration which will keep it awake and compensates by putting you to sleep. Sounds far-fetched? Try it!

b. A diabetic person's pancreas does not produce adequate insulin. Western allopathic medicine would require this person to inject insulin daily. Some would argue that this external supplementation causes the Beta cells in the pancreas to slacken further, and produce even less insulin, over time. Dr. Cook, with the help of years of Homeopathic, Allopathic, Biotech and Ayurvedic research, gives the person insulin and healthy pancreatic tissue, Homeopathically. The vibrational information from the insulin and pancreatic molecules is imprinted on water. We have found that taking these daily doses of homeopathic insulin and pancreatic sarcodes, resonates the information onto the water, which is 70% of the entire body, and essentially reminds and coaxes the body to produce insulin once again. This essentially, is a modern application of the sarcode principle of Homeopathy . Dr. Cook also adds numerous herbs from various traditions to the diabetic regimen. These increase sugar metabolism and reduce diabetic symptoms.

c. A Herpes patient gets recurrent outbreaks, as the virus lays dormant in the nerve bodies and attacks whenever one's immunity is compromised. When the virus is dormant, our immunity does little or nothing to fight it. Dr. Cook administers a nosode containing merely the energetic information from the virus. Each dose serves as a reminder for the person's immune system to fight the virus at the lowest level, while it lies dormant. Over time, this leads to a state where the immune system has effectively suppressed the virus for life.* It is very similar to the principle of vaccination. The use of nosodes , such as '2LHerp' for treating Herpes, was studied by independent researchers in the UK. They found that nosodes benefited 82% of patients, and therefore, were among the most effective treatments for a virus, known to man. We attempt to go beyond 82% by augmenting nosode -therapy with herbs from numerous traditions. These, together, build immunity and make your body inhospitable to the virus.

4. 'FROM MEDICATION TO MEDITATION' - Dr. Cook measures its success not in dollars earned, but in lives improved. We do not believe in constant life-long medication, and wish to see you learning from your ailments and leading happier, healthier lives. With this goal in mind, we offer lifestyle changes and meditations designed to transform your being and ease any emotional, mental and karmic constrictions, which are often the root cause of disease. We encourage all customers to make conscious learning and meditation part of the healing process. We must remember that the quality of our lives is not determined by external situations, but rather, by internal conditions. We provide you the tools to manage your internal self better and hope you use them for growth and happiness.

We work day and night in order to ensure that you wake up in a world where you never hear the words 'there is no cure!'

About Cataract

It is because of our precious sight that we can carry out our day-to-day tasks efficiently and enjoy nature's boundless beauty. The impairment of vision produces an overall handicapped feeling and a sense of uncertainty. Cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye, which affects vision. Most cataracts are a result of aging. Cataracts are very common in older people. A cataract can occur in one or both the eyes. It cannot spread from one eye to the other.


Age - Cataract is usually seen in adults above the age of 55. Very rarely, it is also seen in children.

Injury - Cataract may develop soon after an eye injury or years after it.

Other causes - Cataract could develop as a result of other conditions, like diabetes, long-term exposure to radiation (as in cancer therapy) or due to drugs like steroids. Cigarette smoking can also lead to cataract.


There are usually no signs and symptoms of cataract. However, there may be some indications that there is a cataract formation. These are:

- Appearance of spots in front of the eyes
- Blurred or hazy vision
- Loss of the ability to see brightness
- Sensitivity to sunlight
- Sensation of a film over the eyes
- Double vision
- Difficulty in reading
- Poor night-vision
- At times, there is an improvement in near vision. This is indicative of cataract.


The diagnosis is made based on a comprehensive eye examination.

Tests done include:

Visual activity test to see how sharp sight is at various distances.

Pupil dilatation test to examine the lens and retina.

Glare test and Contrast sensitivity test.


Once a cataract is formed, there is no non-surgical treatment available.

If symptoms from a cataract are mild, prescription glasses may be sufficient to function more comfortably.

Preventive measures include wearing good ultraviolet (UV) blocking sunglasses, as they provide protection from the sun. Anti-oxidant vitamins may retard cataract changes.

Surgical treatment involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a substitute lens. This can be done in 2 ways:

Phacoemulsification: In this technique the doctor makes a small incision on the side of the cornea, (dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye). The doctor then inserts a tiny probe into the eye. This device emits ultrasound waves that soften and break up the cloudy center of the lens. Today, most cataract surgery is done by this method with local anesthesia.

Extra Capsular Surgery: A longer incision on the side of the cornea is made to remove the hard center of the lens. The remainder of the lens is then removed by suction and replaced by an intraocular lens (IOL). An IOL is a clear, artificial lens that requires minimal care and becomes like a permanent part of the eye and improves vision. The operation usually lasts about 1 hour, and is almost painless.


Dr. Cook's Cataract Essentials-Kit has been specifically formulated to prevent and treat cataract by tackling the conditions that could be responsible for causing it.* This comprehensive eye cataract treatment contains resonance homeopathic remedies in combination with nutritional supplements, which aim to strengthen your ocular tissues and optimize their functions.* These natural remedies have proven to be a safe alternative to cataract surgery for many of our customers.* The cataract remedies in this kit work specifically by:

• Stimulating your optic nerve so as to repair nerve damage as far as possible, thus improving your vision*

• Normalizing intra-ocular tension and preventing optic-nerve degeneration*

• Facilitating better oxygenation of tissues and improving microvascular blood circulation*

• Stimulating ocular tissues to restore themselves, and removing imbalances that could be responsible for the development of cataract*

This Kit consists of the following 3 cataract care products: $559.00 includes Dr. Cook's Consultation.

Add additional protocol: $199.00

Dr. Cook's Freedom From Cataract Kit has been especially formulated to prevent and treat your cataract in the most natural and harmless way.* This kit is made up of resonance Homeopathic remedies and Advanced biotechnology cataract treatments. The natural cataract medication products in this kit work by:

• Dissolving cataract tissue safely and naturally and then absorbing it into the body.*

• Stimulating your optic nerves to function optimally.*

• Improving your blurred vision by repairing nerve damage.*

• Normalizing your intraocular pressure.*

• Preventing further optic nerve degeneration.*

A  safe and natural alternative to cataract surgery and solution for Optimal vision is just a phone call away.*

All Services come with a consult. We not into product pushing. We into treating the disease.

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