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Benefits of Oxygen

  • Restores alertness and reduces drowsiness while driving.
  • Reduces effects of hangover or fatigue.
  • Reduces stress from work or other stressful situations.
  • Restores energy levels from physical activity.
  • Provides temporary relief while traveling at high altitude.
  • Restores depleted oxygen level in blood.
  • Flushes cancer causing toxins from ones blood.
  • Reduces minor aches and pains including menstrual cramps.
  • Improves memory, alertness and concentration levels (short term)
  • All natural energy without the caffeine and chemicals of energy drinks
  • Sorry guys -  Does not grow hair or produce 4 hour erections.
  • Give you Strength and Endurance


Ingredients & Process
Are there vitamins in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
We developed Perfect Empowered Drinking Water to be a pure, clean, and natural tasting drinking water. The final product contains trace amounts of several minerals: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Electrolytes too—all things that help to make your body stronger and healthier!

What is the source of Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
There are many water companies that claim their water source is a mountain spring or glacier, while, in fact, it is a municipal source. It does not matter where the water comes from … because if it is on this planet, it needs to be cleaned and purified. Doctors tell you, “Do not drink Mountain stream water, it is full of dangerous bacteria!” We cannot escape the harmful chemicals that affect our water systems. Therefore, “It does not matter where the water comesfrom … IT MATTERS WHAT YOU DO TO IT!”

That being said, our water is reservoir water that comes from the mountains and into the city ... what happens to the water when we get it is a combination of science and nature. We clean the water to approximately 0 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). We take out all the chlorine, arsenic, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, molds, and other harmful chemicals that are in water. We add back a few important trace minerals, electrolytes, and our proprietary MBO so that the TDS goes back up to approximately 327 TDS of all good stuff! Most city tap waters run 500+ TDS and are full of dangerous and toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

No water is cleaned and purified like Perfect Water. We run our water through a 15-step purification process and many other important steps (read on to find out what else we do to the water) and when we are done … we have water that would make Mother Nature jealous!

Does Perfect Empowered Drinking Water have any calories?
Absolutely not! We are water, not juice water with food colorings and sugars like some “waters” on the market. No calories here.

Does Perfect Empowered Drinking Water contain any sweeteners?
We do not use any sugars or artificial sweeteners or colors in the water. Our goal is to bring you the cleanest and healthiest water available on the market. We believe we have done that. Perfect Water tastes pure and smooth and once you drink it your body will agree.

What is Microstructured water?
"MicroStructured™ Water is a new classification of water due to its unique properties that are rarely found in other types of drinking water. During the microstructuring process, water clusters, which are typically made up of 14-16 randomly bound water molecules, are restructured into organized water clusters made up of 4-6 water molecules. This microstructered water process is believed by many to create a more active and bio-available water, as the water is now able to pass into the cells of the body and therefore hydrate the system more efficiently.

Is there anything synthetic in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
The ingredients and nutritional information are both on the label and in the nutritional facts on There are no synthetic ingredients in the water.

Why is there Sodium in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water?
This is an excellent question. First let me say that there is a negligible amount of Sodium in each bottle of Perfect Water. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for adults is 2400 mg. Each bottle of Perfect Water has 18mg. per serving.

The reason we put a small amount of Sodium in Perfect Water is part of our proprietary Oxygen process. The quest for stabilized oxygen goes back as far as 75 years ago. This company discovered a way to attach oxygen molecules to Sodium and stabilize them in liquid (water) over 15 years ago. Without changing the molecular structure of the water, we are able to add oxygen molecules. This is only one small part of our proprietary MBO process.

Is the bottle recyclable?
We are very proud to say, after searching high and low, we have found the best, and most Earth-friendly bottle for our water. If you look at the bottom of each bottle, you will see a triangle with a 1 in the center. This means it is a PET1 and recommended by the FDA for water and juices. PET1 is the most common and easily recycled plastic, and is considered the safest. Please encourage your customers to recycle! When a better alternative to PET1 comes along, you can rest assured that we'll be checking it out!

I’ve heard something about bisphone (BPA) in bottles and the liners of cans. Does the plastic in Perfect Empowered Drinking Water bottles contain BPA?
Our bottles are PET1 (Polyethylene Terephthalate), not Poly Carbonate, and contain no BPA. Perfect Water bottles are the safest bottles and recommended by the FDA for water and juices.
Does Perfect Empowered Drinking Water contain fluoride?
Perfect Empowered Drinking Water's purification processes remove all measurable fluoride so that it will remain a pure, healthy drinking water.

What is the shelf life of the product?
Two years.

How long does the MBO™ last after the bottle has been opened?
Once you open the bottle you should drink it. However, the benefits of the MBO™ are stabilized in the water and won't disappear.
A warning! Don't leave you lid off, the MBO will not escape, but, bacteria from the air can enter your bottle. Put your lid on in between drinks!

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Perfect Water is an ultra premium drinking water that undergoes a 15-step purification process that includes 1 Micron filtration, carbon filtration, multi-chamber reverse osmosis (finer than that of the human kidney), ultra violet chambers, and is then ozonated for increased quality. Unlike other premium waters and vitamin waters, Perfect Water contains NO calories or sugars of any kind. Perfect Water is enhanced with electrolytes and essential minerals and is ionized for optimal alkalinity (pH). Scientific research suggests that maintaining an alkaline balance in your body helps reduce acidity and promotes optimal health and bodily function.

The science behind Perfect Water-

Q:  How much Perfect Water can I drink a day? Are there any restrictions to the amount of Perfect Water an adult can drink?
A: It’s water! Experts estimate that 75% percent of Americans are dehydrated. With nutritionists recommending that adults drink 64 ounces (four bottles) to 128 ounces (eight bottles) of water a day, make sure you’re not part of that statistic!

Q: Can I drink less water if I drink only Perfect Water?
A: Efficient hydration should not be interpreted to mean the body needs less water. The ultimate judge is your own body. We suggest following nutritional guidelines, which recommend a minimum of 8-16 cups (four to eight bottles) of water per day for an adult— more if conditions have resulted in higher losses of body fluids.

Q: If I have a medical condition can I drink Perfect Water?
A: Unless your medical condition relates to a specific ingredient found in Perfect Water or a condition which would prevent or limit drinking of normal drinking water, there are no known specific risks.  It is drinking water.  Check the label or this website for ingredients and nutritional facts.  Consult with your physician if you have specific health questions, issues, or medical needs.

Q: I have a medical sensitivity to potassium.  How much potassium is in an 8 ounce serving of Perfect Water?
A: The amount of potassium is 0.85mg.

Q: Can I use Perfect Water for my pets?  
A: Planning on putting your pampered pet in next the pet show? Perfect Water is safe and suitable for your cat, dog, horse, pet lizard, or any other pet you may have. If ideal hydration is important for humans, imagine what it can do for your pet.

Q: What are the benefits of drinking Perfect Water?
A: Perfect Water has been developed as an ultra premium drinking water and is intended only for that use. No specific benefit claims are made nor represented.




The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated the foregoing statements. The product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. The water is intended only for use as a premium drinking water. No specific benefit claims are made nor represented.

Perfect Water Is:

         ● Ionized for optimal Alkalinity (pH)
         ● Microstructured to achieve optimal hydration
         ● Oxygenated
         ● Enhanced with essential minerals AND electrolytes

         ● FREE OF CALORIES AND SUGARS (Can your vitamin waters say the same?) 



Try some Perfect Water TODAY!

What is Perfect Water? 

Perfect Water is a premium drinking water that undergoes a 15-step proprietary purification process that includes Micron filtration, carbon filtration, multi-chamber reverse osmosis, ultra violet chambers, and is then ozonated for increased quality. Unlike other premium waters and vitamin waters, Perfect Water contains NO calories or sugars of any kind. Perfect Water is enhanced with electrolytes and essential minerals and is ionized for optimal alkalinity (pH). Scientific research suggests that maintaining an alkaline balance in your body helps reduce acidity and promotes optimal health and bodily function. Perfect Water is the only premium drinking water to then undergo microstructuring and oxygenation to enhance bio-available oxygen.

How is Perfect Water different from "Vitamin Waters" and other Sports Drinks? 

Aren't all drinks created equal?

Sugar is a necessary evil we all must face when indulging in different "fitness" drinks (Vitamin Water, Sports Drinks, ect); of all the foods consumed today, refined sugar is thought to be the most harmful to the human body. When you consume a refined carbohydrate like sugar, your body must borrow vital nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the incomplete food. Potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium are taken from various parts of the body to make use of the sugar. Many times, so much calcium is borrowed to neutralize the effects of sugar, that the bones become osteoporotic. In addition, refined sugar is void of all nutrients; consequently causing the body to deplete its own stores of various minerals, vitamins and enzymes. If sugar consumption is sustained, an over-acid condition results, and more minerals are needed fro deep in the body to correct the inequity. If the body is lacking the nutrients used to metabolize the sugar, it will not be able to properly handle and rid itself of the poisonous residues. These wastes accrue throughout the brain and nervous system, which speeds up cellular death. Symptoms of carbonic poisoning will result as the bloodstream becomes overloaded with toxins. The "sugar death" is a slow one, but once the waste catches up to your body, the effects will be less than glamorous. In the search for the perfect water or sports drink, millions of Americans are unknowingly consuming MASSIVE amounts of sugar!


On March 15th 2008 a new bottled water called “Perfect Water” became available for advanced order. Official shipments of the product began on April 1st. Is this new “Perfect Water” truly a miracle worker or just great marketing hype? The website says that this water is noted to: Enhance performance, build strength, improve balance, increase flexibilty, and offer superior hydration. How in the world can a bottled water provide all these benefits? Did they develop this “Perfect Water”at BALCO? NEWS FLASH: Baseball was really on “PERFECT WATER” not “STEROIDS” - JUST KIDDING.

Three basic tests are performed before and after drinking the water. They are the Flexibility, Tip, and Helicopter test. The results are amazing but are they Science or Hype. You be the judge. I am willing to try the “Perfect Water” and judge for myself. Intrigued but Skeptical!

Here is the science behind the “Perfect Water” according to the website. Each of these steps combine to make the “PERFECT WATER”

  • Purified: 15 step proprietary purification process.
  • Remineralized: enhanced with lectrolytes and essential minerals, including Potassium.
  • Ionized: ionized for optimal alkalinity (ph).
  • Microstructured: microstructured with proprietary technology.
  • Oxygen Rich: empowered with MBO (molecular bound oxygen), proprietary process which enhances bio-available oxygen




I was just notified that Amazon has written a review on Perfect Water. The review is located at, Amazon’s food review site. It seems that beyond commenting on taste, they actually performed all of the flexibility and balance tests. You guys should definitely check this out!!

 COmment 2

Who developed the technology behind the “Perfect Water”? I was doing some research on the benefits of the “Perfect Water” and discovered the company who patented part of the technology. The name of the company is EAU Technologies. They developed the original bottled water “Perfect Empowered Drinking Water(TM)” in 2005. Their distribution channels were mainly grocery stores. In November 2007, EAU announced the completion of its sale of its consumer Perfect Empowered Water division to Perfect Water & Essentials, LLC. This company combined their proprietary technology of MBO (Molecurlary Bound Oxygen) with the existing benefits from the previous version from EAU Technolgies. The MBO proprietary process is what has been reported to give drinkers better balance, flexibility and strength within seconds of drinking the water.  I am looking forward to hearing about the double-blind placebo tests. 

Comment 3

Jim B.

I’ll add my $.02 worth here.

I’m not a scientist. I took one Chemistry class and one Biology class in HS. Most of it, I don’t remember. I’m just a plain ordinary joe like most people out there. So…can I explain how this product works? Not a chance. Can I demonstrate that it DOES work? Without a doubt! I’d never seen a product that I would put up against ANY other product on the market and personally endorse, until I saw this one.

I too was very skeptical about the water…after all, it’s just water, right? But you just can’t argue with results. I actually got my hands on two bottles of this product, prior to the nationwide launch last weekend. I went out and did approximately 30 hands-on demonstrations, on people from 12-year old athletes to a 78-year old stroke victim. NOT ONCE, did this product fail to produce results!

Out of 45+ demos that I have done to date, the results have all been great. I increased my reach on the stretch by about 4 inches and you can’t tip me over anymore. For basketball players and football linemen, this is a huge advantage. I was playing basketball on Monday and everyone kept telling me how strong I was. I finally broke down laughing and had to tell them it was the water that had increased my strength and sense of balance…some were skeptical, but they were all impressed with the results. The most impressive demo I have done, was the 78-year old stroke victim. Drinking a small amount of the water increased his stretch by 6-8 inches and kept me from tipping him over! Keep in mind here, that I am a 40+ year old guy that is 6?2? and tip the scales at 225! I couldn’t tip over one of my friends that is 5?10? and ~170.

If you are involved in a physically active lifestyle, if you are a competitive athlete, if you have medical problems that limit physical mobility, if you’re undergoing physical therapy…or you know anyone that falls into one of these categories, they need to try this water.

There are several benefits of this water that can’t be claimed legally, due to the fact that they don’t work for everyone, but I’ll tell you what friends and family members have told me. There are two large triggers to migraine headaches; 1) Too much caffeine and 2) Too little water. Friends of mine have told me that because the product keeps them hydrated better, they have few, if any migraines anymore. The other benefit I have been told about and experienced personally, is the relief of joint pain. My wife has scoliosis in her back. Drinking the water helps to hydrate those muscles, tendons and ligaments, letting them relax and thereby relieving the pain in her back. The stroke victim we demo’d for was practically doing jumping jacks, by the time we left his house.

Of course, results are going to vary…take mine with a grain of salt if you need to. But I can guarantee that it is going to improve strength, stability, flexibility, endurance and hydration.

Comment 4

I was extremely skeptical of the claims of this Perfect Empowered Drinking Water with mbo - skeptical enough that I decided to seek out the bottles from anyone who had them so I could test myself & my unsuspecting family. The only person who had them was an independent business owner in our area who actually gave me two sample bottles despite my offer to purchase them at retail price. I appreciated the fact that he did not make any claims as to the “healing” or “increased performance” powers of this product but merely gave me short instructions on three different flexibility, balance (tip test) & strength tests to perform on myself & my family.

Prior to testing, I did as much research possible on perfect water, gathering information from anyone or any source that claimed to have knowledge or performed research on oxygenated water & could not find anyone that would even come close to endorsing any type of product fitting this description. The closest I came was a website that focused on the micro structure of these types of products stating that the claims of these so - called “oxygenated” products were solely dependent on the ability of the oxygen bonding process that hindered other enhanced water products from binding the increased oxygen molecules to the water in a room temperature setting. This simply means that once the oxygenated water was exposed to air, the oxygen molecules immediately dissipated thereby losing the value of the oxygenation process before anyone could drink the water & allow the increased oxygen molecules into their system. This is the basis of the critics who claim that most oxygenated waters are no more effective that a “breath of air” & the usual results of no increased performance, flexibility or strength. Seems that perfect water and their mbo are changing that.

However, this leaves an “open question” as to whether a product which actually is able to perfect the bonding process & keep the oxygen molecules infused in the water so that you can actually drink it & experience any benefits. If in fact perfect water has accomplished this which is the basis of the so - called proprietary MBO process, then even the critics must begrudgingly admit that any enhanced properties of oxygenated water would be linked to the success of this MBO process. I have to laugh at the so - called critics who would demand a company explain all of its patented processes as though they were entitled to this proprietary knowledge (same as demanding Coca Cola or Microsoft give up all proprietary knowledge, recipes or source code for all its products. Please have the same critics ask a gourmet chef what goes into a signature dish!)

In short, I took the perfect water to my unsuspecting family with children aged 6 to 13 & performed the tests as instructed by the distributor without any claims to my family as to the potential incredible powers that might gain from the product.

I am not a chemist nor a doctor, but simply a father & husband who is concerned as to what his family eats & drinks on a daily basis. I wish I could have added my name to the critics & debunkers of this product & other products that fall under the Amway Global family, but all I know is that every single person including my 55 pound 6 year old saw significant increases in flexibility & strength. I focus on the 6 year old because to this day no one has been able to explain why I cannot budge a 55 pound unsuspecting untainted child who know nothing of placebo effects, double blind tests & increased performance on a treadmill.

I don’t know why this product works & I don’t know why other products do not. All I know is pure oxygen is beneficial to high performing athletes & this seems to be a cheaper way to put something good into your system than strapping an oxygen tank to my kids back every day. Can someone tell me why this works?\

Comment 5

Someone emailed me this article and I thought it shed some light on how unbelievable Perfect Water will be if it accomplishes what they say it does…

Stamina building activities are sometimes also referred to as aerobic exercise. Here aerobic literally means “with oxygen”. It refers to all forms of sustained, moderate exercise including walking, cycling and jogging, not just aerobic step and aerobic dance classes.

We usually tend to think that all activities or exercise we do involves oxygen. However this is not the fact. The physical activities such as weight lifting and sprinting are actually the anaerobic exercises, literally meaning “without oxygen”. This is because it takes several minutes for the heart and lungs to circulate blood to the muscles along with oxygen. If the physical activity is very intense, then there is not much time available for the oxygen to be produced and the muscle have to perform without it. In other words they perform anaerobically. Instead they draw upon energy from the existing carbohydrate supplies in the muscles through a chemical transformation process. Muscles cannot work for very long this way. If you are able to sustain any specific exercise for let’s say a period of 20 minutes, it is evident from it that muscles are working aerobically. Similarly to aerobic exercise, regular anaerobic exercise increases the body’s ability to access and utilize energy.

If Perfect Water increases your oxygen absorption, what effect will this have on your overall stamina? UNBELIEVABLE.


If you are of good health and not in need of oxygen, you may not notice any benefits from Oxygen In A Can.  On the other hand if your body needs oxygen you will notice a difference within minutes.  When consumed without the aroma, it is difficult to recognize you are receiving oxygen because oxygen does not have any aroma and it is natural to question if your are receiving oxygen or just normal air.  You can trust us you are receiving 85 to 90% oxygen.

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