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Our Collidal Silver Miracle:

I had to let you know what the colloidal silver has done for my father-in-law. After waking up one morning with blurred vision and weakness, and after several MONTHS of going from one doctor to another, he was finally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. As this was a type of auto-immune disorder, and nothing prescribed for him seemed to be helping, I took a bottle of colloidal silver to him to try. I figured that since his doctor had him on immunosuppressants, if nothing else it would help to keep him from picking up any stray viruses he happened to come in contact with. He took the colloidal silver every day, at the suggested dosage, and after about 3 weeks his vision cleared up, his color improved, and he was much stronger. Up to that point he was barely able to get around with a walker. He seldom uses his walker now, and is telling everyone he runs into about how wonderful he is feeling. The difference is truly amazing. It's been almost a year now, and he seems to be back to almost normal. Of course, when he mentioned the colloidal silver to his doctor, it was pooh-poohed as useless, and even dangerous to use. But the proof is in the way he feels, and he will continue using the colloidal silver for life. Thank you so much for all the information you provide. Without it, we truly believed we wouldn't have dad around much longer. Hope has been restored.

Our Memory Power Supplement:

I would like to talk to everyone who has experienced a severe headache, that never leaves you. My husband was the first surviving victim of a severely diffused cerebral with a leaking venous angioma. Now a angioma is a blood clot that leaks in the vein structure of the brain, most of the time this is only seen with the cause of death, post death. Terry, my husband had a severe onset headache that wouldn't quit. After two weeks our doctor ordered a MRI with contrast. The only way to see this. Not one single health care professional knew how to treat Terry. I started researching every where, and every article I could find. Nothing. With this Terry started to loose the fuctions of a normal heart rate, memory, muscle functions, etc... we tried the product. Wow, we had normal again. To this date Terry is the longest survivor of this disorder venious angioma, and now within the world there are three persons. When a world known neurosurgeon asked us what we used too keep him alive this long, I told him two things, one was a good multivitamin with minerals, the second was a Memory Product. I am a retired Physican with the Department of Health and Human Services, myself and our family doctor believes highly in unification of all areas of medicine harmoniously to help enhance life. We also know personally, and professionally that all medicine begins with nature first, and the respect that is due. Please take care of yourselves, eat right, exercise, and nutritionally listen too a wonderful person

Lupus & Fibromyalgia - 3 Point Plan

"My daughter has been on the 3 month detox program and all symptoms from Lupus and the Fibromyalgia are gone and she is getting around so good and even loosing weight. It has saved her sanity. God Bless You all!"


"I have been using these products for about 18 months. I have partial paralysis in my legs due to a spinal cord injury. The first product I tried was the colloidal silver, which I thought might help me with recurring urinary tract infections caused by the spinal injury. The rapid relief from these infections by using  silver is truly amazing. I haven't had to use any expensive antibiotics since I started with the silver. About a year ago, my brother had a very large hernia repaired. The surgery went well, and he was discharged from the hospital the same day. By the next evening he was running a fever of 103, and had massive swelling and inflamation in his scrotum. We live way out in the country, and are two hours from the nearest hospital. I started him on the silver; giving him a dose every six hours around the clock. Within three hours his fever had returned to normal, and by the following morning the swelling and infection were greatly reduced. He continued taking colloidal silver for a week; gradually decreasing the number of doses per day. All traces of what was obviously a very bad staph infection completely disappeared! We have a lot of snakes in the part of Texas where we live, and our five dogs regularly get bitten by copperhead and water mocassin snakes. The bites never kill the dogs, but they always swell at the site of the bite, and they sometimes get infections as a result of the bites. We discovered that by squirting half a teaspoon of silver concentrate in their mouths, the swelling disappeared within 12 hours! My various doctors have been telling me for about a year that my blood pressure is way too high (160/110) and wanted to put me on medication to lower it. I don't like to take prescription medicines, and research into the various drugs used for hypertension revealed that they often don't work, and can have serious side effects. About a month ago I started Dr. Cook Protocal. Last week I had to spend a day in the hospital for a contrast C/T Myleogram of my thorasic spine, which was done to help plan the removal of a large disc compression of my spinal cord -- caused by my injury. My blood pressure was taken four different times during the day and each time it was 120/80 or lower! Needless to say my doctor was amazed. We are using various supplements with great success. God bless you for all your wonderful products!"


My daughter was diagnosed with Acute Mygelongeous Lukemia on August 1. 2002. The Oncologist assigned to work with my daughter told us very morbidly that if my daughter did not take Chemotherapy that she would be dead within two to four (2-4) days...My soul was over whelmed and I could not fathom giving my 21 year old freshman college student daughter chemo. I rejected the offer and called and ordered an herbal protocol. When she was admitted her white blood cell count and platelet counts were almost none existent. Full well knowing the harmful effects of the chemo and radiation protocols I just could not subject her to this horror. She was literally carried into the emergency room on that day and about three and 1/2 weeks later she walked out of the hospital thanks to prayers to the almighty, your wisdom and guidance and the existence of Natural Medicine and the availability of the natural medicines my daughter's health is stabilized. She currently has to have transfusions of blood and platelets (which does concern me), but the wonderful news is that she initially had to have them about every two weeks and I am elated to say the transfusion she had on thursday was the first transfusion of blood she had had in over six weeks. All of the medical staff are amazed that she is doing so well without the chemo. Her white blood cell count is around 1.4 and her hemoglobin is 11.4 and her platelets are around 29...low... but her quality of life is excellent. The oncologist inadvertently stated out of resentment and frustration one day during her hospital stay that, "oh, she won't die from the Leukemia, she'll die from some other opportunistic disease!" (I have so much more to say....My heart is so full of gratitude for your stuggle in creating viable health options for humanity). She has been on her initial protocol for ninety days as of tomorrow (November 1, 2002) and we are slowly building up the white Blood Count and Platelet count. She will be starting on a few new supplements for the leukemia and will remain on the current supplements.


I am a firm believer that Natural Medicine is the way to go. When I was diagnosed with the endometrial cancer and cyst on my kidney. Came to Dr. Cook. Now all my tests came back good.

Remission of Leukemia

My biopsy results showed 90% Leukemia.  I started 'the natural program'. In 3 months the same test showed 0% i.e. complete cytogenetic remission! Then they tested me with the finest test available called PCR by which they test 100,000 to 1,000,000 cells results are - major molecular response(remission). They'll test me every 3 months on the PCR (no more need for biopsies), to see if I've reached a complete molecular response. To put it mildly, they are not accustomed to witness such a dramatic reversal. Thank you for you guidance. With God's grace I'll be cancer free soon. Thanks.


My husband was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer in early December 2003. Only 2 percent of all throat cancers are this type. They know little to nothing about it. We started to see Dr. Cook. December 8th, 2003. So far the lump in his throat has become about one-third smaller in size and the pain he was having is not so bad. We refused radiation and chemotherapy, due to the fact we don't believe in it and they would not even tell us the statistics on whether it was going to be helpful or not. As it was they misdiagnosed it as a sinus infection for 3 months and $12,000 later in tests, some not necessary, they decided to let us know it was cancer. 
We have more hope in the Natural Doctors than we do these Cancer doctors.
Each time we would tell doctors about his heart condition he has had since November 5, 2001 and that he is on all herbs for it now and no prescriptions, they basically ignored us. It was unimportant to them that his heart also would play a role in any therapy for cancer. Only 28% of his heart is functional, already my husband is at a disadvantage. The initial drugs the doctors had put him on in the first year and a half for his heart condition kept him asleep and in bed and he walked with a cane. Thanks to help of Dr. Cook and Natural Medicine, he no longer needs a cane and only takes two naps a day.
Since we started the Natural Treatment he has more energy and stamina. While working on this cancer, we continue to also work on his heart. If it were up to the medical professionals, he would probably be dead right now.


Warm greetings and Blessings to you! I have written to you in the past on the behalf of my mother who has had pancreatic cancer. You will be very pleased to know that she now has lived 16 months on your protocal. They (my mother and father) will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on Nov. 6th. We never thought we would see this special day in their lives, or be able to celebrate it with the, but here we are. To my knowledge, she has not suffered or been in pain during these months, and has enjoyed every day of her life, especially her meals, which is quite amazing, and still she has good quality life. We just had a physical done (requested by the nursing home) and the Dr. wanted to know who & how her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was made, as she does not have any of the typical signs of cancer in her body. Pretty amazing isn't it!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are truly experiencing a miracle, and we are all so grateful for every day we have to share time together. Note: Mother is 84.


I had Arthritis in my knees etc. It was very painful. I discovered Arthritis Gone thru a friend. I contact Dr. Cook and Purchase the Arthritis Gone with the Grape Seed Soft Gels.  In a little as 1 to 2 weeks my pain was gone. I now use the Arthritis Gone when my arthritis flares up. But I take the Grape Seed Soft Gels daily. Even my Cholesterol as lowered from taking the Soft Gels. Not just help my Arthritis pain!


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