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About AMAS technology

The AMAS test measures serum levels of AMA, an antibody found to be elevated in most patients with a wide range of active non-terminal malignancies.

AMA is the antibody to Malignin, a 10,000 Dalton polypeptide which has been found to be present in most malignant cells regardless of cell type or location (refs.1 to 8). Unlike tests such as CEA , which measure less well-defined antigens whose serum levels tend to be inconstant but elevated late in the disease, the AMAS test measures a well-defined antibody whose serum levels rise early in the course of the disease. In some cases, the AMAS test has been positive (elevated) early , i.e. 1 to 19 months before clinical detection.

All of the data, from both Bogoch et al. (ref.4) and from the independent study performed by SmithKline Laboratories(ref.6) support the fact that the AMA (Anti-Malignin Antibody) is elevated almost regardless of the site or cell type of the malignancy; that is, AMA is a general transformation antibody, not just for one particular kind of cancer. For sera shipped overnight, false positives are 5% and false negatives 7% (3,315 double-blind tests of patients and controls, refs.4, 6 and 8).

Anti-Malignin Antibody is elevated in 93-100% of cases in which active non-terminal malignancy is the clinico-pathological diagnosis; overall asymptomatic (’false’) positives are 5% in sera kept shipped overnight (refs.4-8). AMA is normal in 96% of cancer patients who no longer have evidence of disease (refs.4,6). Within-run, inter-technician-same-lab, and inter-lab variability are low, as reported in the Smith-Kline study(ref.6).

Every AMAS test is run under rigorous quality control. Control solutions containing known amounts ofstandard monoclonal AMA are run with each test. AMA, when produced in vivo as mouse (ref.3) or as human (ref.7) immunoglobulin, and when isolated from human serum (ref.7) is predominantly IgM. Target® reagent shelf life is as long as 7 years.


AMAS and diagnostic data

Both monitoring data (ref.4) and a retrospective survival study of 511 cancer patients (ref.6) have shown that the AMAS test may be useful in indicating disease progression and prognosis. Thus in known cancer patients, when the immune response is good as evidenced by high antibody levels, the prognosis is good; and when the antibody level falls, the prognosisis poor. Anti-Malignin Antibody is the first general cancer antibody found to relate to patient survival. The test therefore may be useful as an adjunct to standard (sometimes less accurate) staging information such as the spread of malignancy beyond the capsule of the primary or gan and the presence of metastases in lymph nodes, or general symptoms such as anemia, weight loss and fatigue.

NEWS UPDATE: Oncolab Outlines Applications for AMAS Antibody Test for Cancer as a Chronic Disease at NAAS Conference in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX (PRWeb) May 3, 2007 -- At the NAAS annual conference, Oncolab presented the AMAS antibody-based test for cancer and described aspects of the current healthcare environment which make the test so important. The presentation emphasized the impact that the AMAS test can have on early detection and effective treatment of recurrences or first occurrences of cancer. A preventative approach to cancer, coupling the AMAS test with powerful new imaging and diagnostic techniques that are now increasingly in use, should be a powerful driver to help contain and reduce healthcare costs.

The AMAS test, a diagnostic test which tests for circulating levels of a specific antibody, provides a unique tool for monitoring cancer patients in remission. The antibodies bind specifically to a 10,000 molecular weight protein found in a wide range of cancers. Because it monitors an aspect of the body's immune response to cancer, rather than cancer antigens or cancer cells in the bloodstream, the AMAS test is especially accurate early in the recurrence or first occurrence of cancer, when clinical signs of the disease may not be evident or may just be emerging.

Patients in remission after successful cancer therapy, or a healthy normal population, generally have normal circulating levels of the antibody assayed in the test. AMAS's low false positive rate, shown to be 5% in double-blind clinical studies, means that elevated results on the test are highly suspicious for a recurrence or unrelated new occurrence of cancer, and warrant further clinical investigation. While the AMAS test is not generally useful in advanced cancer, its high sensitivity and specificity early in the disease allow it to be used to improve early detection of first occurrence and recurrence of the disease.

The emergence of new imaging techniques such as MRI



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